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I havent updated this in a long time because  I haven't felt very artistic. But now I'm writing again. Long stories instead of short scenes. I'm beginning to write novella length stories to prepare for NaNoWriMo…
Most of my stories are basically erotica which I seem to have a knack for writing, it's the other scenes I have difficulty with. But I'm working on it. And i have two good friends who are encouraging me to keep up with expressing myself artistically. I have to thank them for that!
Well uni's almost over, just exams left... which i'm not looking forward to coz of my crappy attendence. I should really have gone to class more often!
Ive decided to see how much I can write in a month, starting today. might not all be one story though, but the idea is to churn out a lot of words not a grreat story. Afterall that's why you edit and rewrite.
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June 1, 2010


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