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"Bite me."

My tart response probably wasn't the smartest thing to say to this sexy vampire but for some reason when I was around him I couldn't help saying stupid things. Oh yeah, a slow smile had spread across his chiselled features, that was a stupid thing to say. He closed the gap between us. Forcing me back against the table. Oh crap. This couldn't be good. He pressed against me. His hard delectable totally forbidden body flush against mine. In the future I would claim I resisted but I simply didn't have the willpower to stop him. I needed him to kiss me. His head dipped towards me as he brushed a tentative kiss against my lips. He hesitated, searching my eyes as our breath mingled. I didn't even hesitate as I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him towards me for a kiss. Our lips and teeth clashed as our tongues met. He nibbled my lower lip before kissing me so deeply my knees felt weak.  Oh God this vamp knew how to kiss.

Blood wasn't going to my head. Clearly this couldn't be normal. Dizziness couldn't be right. Something weird was happening but I knew I couldn't bear him to stop. Oh God if he stopped I think I'd burst. This was so good. Sharp canines scraped my neck sending tremors of fear to my brain. This wasn't right; I mean he was a vampire who was awfully close to my neck. All thoughts vanished as he took a nipple into his mouth. My breasts tightened more than I ever thought possible as his tongued curled around my hardened peak. Shivers tingled across my skin as darts of pleasure ignited the slow burn of desire in the pit of my stomach. Fiery need burned my skin, every brush of his fingers a slow delectable torture. His heated tongue moved lower down my stomach, flickering just below my bellybutton. A small moan escaped my lips as his mouth moved lower. He nudged my feet apart and placed a gentle kiss on the inside of each thigh. He closed his eyes as he placed a reverent kiss on my pubic bone and I could've cried out in frustration. I needed him to touch me, needed to feel him inside me. Vampire or not I wanted this man.

He was still looking at my most intimate place and a twinge of paranoia hit me. What if i was ugly... down there. Did I smell bad? Had he changed his mind? Oh I knew I should've got the Brazilian wax, what if he liked the hairless look? I felt awkward and nervous, just wanted to be out of there before I was humiliated.

A tentative tongue flicked towards me, hitting my clit and driving all thoughts but pleasure from my over-active brain. He moaned and began expertly driving me towards the edge of an orgasm before bringing me back down only to tease me back up to those dizzying heights. His tongue and teeth teased at my sensitive flesh my hands ran through his hair pulling him closer. I needed it harder and faster. More I had to have more. My fingers tightened in his hair as he finally allowed me to fall over the edge and into the blissful oblivion. As my mind was exploding he rose to his feet. Kissing me deeply his hands slid under my buttocks and lifted me onto the kitchen table. He taunted me with small thrusts, just the head of him entering me as I came back down to earth. Then he was fully inside me. Completely filling me in one smooth thrust. I cried out unashamedly as his hips began to move, entering me deeply with hard fast thrusts. I clutched him with my thighs pulling him closer towards me, angling my hips for deeper penetration. Oh God that felt so good. Why did I resist him for so long. I spun back up the tingling path towards my second orgasm, so close to it. Piercing pain stabbed into my neck as he bit down into my neck. Blood flowed across my skin as he drank in my essence. Pain mingled with pleasure as my second orgasm hit me hard. This was incredible. I'd never had such a strong overwhelming orgasm. Maybe I should let him bite me more often.

With the taste of my blood something seemed to take him over. Hands gripped my waist lifting me into the air as he turned around and carried me across the room. My lips met his and our tongues tangled. I could taste blood. My blood. My back hit the wall. Hard. Wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs tighter around his waist I moaned at the feel of him, so hot and hard inside of me. His arm rested against the wall for support as his other arm supported my weight easily. He thrust again, completely overwhelming my tender flesh and we reached our orgasms together. His body tightened and he groaned against my neck. We slid down the wall and he wrapped his arms tenderly around my body. His tongue salved my wound, gently caressing the pain away.

My head spun as I tried to make sense of how things had gone so wrong but felt so right.

"You bit me." I tried not to sound accusing but it came out a tad indignant.

"I'm sorry. I didn't intend to but you just tasted so good. Besides," he said, smirking at me "you asked for it."

'I did not!"

"Yeah babe. Ya did."

Accepting defeat before things escalated into a childish blame fest I straightened my clothes and stood up. Anything to get away from the arrogant jerk I'd just had unexpected sex with. Unfortunately for me I had forgotten about the dizziness associated with blood loss. The world span as my eyes rolled and I crumpled to the ground. Fortunately it appeared the cause of my faint had fast reflexes. Apparently it's quite an experience to be caught like that; I wish I'd been conscious for it.
Just a random sex scene I wrote about a month ago. It was going to be part of a story about a vampire introducing an innocent girl to the dark underworld of a city, where vamps sold their bite, demons ruled like organised crime, and where power was addictive and dark. Unfortunately I never got around to writing it so this scene was all I ended up with.
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beaconight Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013
So... you should write more of this, right? Riiiiight?
chrixzy Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
I'm sure I should but I don't know if I will
SesashaDrago Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010
This was just awesome. I loved it!
chrixzy Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010
Thanks I'm glad :D And thanks for the fav!
SesashaDrago Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010
You're welcome.
Ashismyname Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2010
Wow, maybe I should say 'bite me' more often lol. Unfortunately for me, my vampire no longer wants to play. :(

This was really well written, I'm curious about the background story of these two, if you ever decide to start up that story again let me know, I'd love to read it.
chrixzy Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2010
Wow thnks I'm glad you like it. it's just a one off scene because i wanted to include the biting into the sex. you never know maybe i'll add more at a later date. thanks for the fav :)
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